Spiritual Center, where meditations, workshops, retreats, ceremonies and various instances of holistic nutrition are offered.

Manna Center is an invitation to collaborate, to unite the knowledge, feelings, needs, curiosities and enthusiasms to create together a space for the spiritual development of the Human Being. It responds to the need to make circles, to look at each other in our eyes and to be part of an intimate and genuine encounter with ourselves and others. It is a place to connect with our silence, our presence and our being in community; in order to create a transverse and harmonious dialogue with each other.

Our intention is to make Centro Manna a habitat and a community that is self-supporting, self-generating, self-sufficient, self-care, all in the company of a circle that beats for the same ideals and loves to create, and creates loving.

The center is a circular structure of 25mts2 which is based on 12 pillars: a central one that is anchored to the deepest part of the earth, and 11 that surround and accompany it. In the ceiling there is a small circumference that lets in light and makes direct connection with the celestial energy. The four cardinal points clearly marked to remember where we are and to thank the forces that guard these directions.

Created at the end of 2017, together with Fundación Deporte Libre and the construction team with which they work, based on wood, filled with bales of straw and covered with mud from this same hill that welcomes us in the foothills of the Precordillera de the Andes, Pochoco area, Arrayan, Santiago de Chile.

Next to the center there is the bathroom, the showers, the viewpoint, the cellar, the kitchen-dining room (multifunctional space), and an access to go up to a site that has a view of the whole city and
the immensity of the mountains.